Open Source Ortungssystem

Feeling Safe

Family and Friends

Add family and friends as your contacts to notify them in case of an emergency. They can decide among themselves who is going to help you


Tell people about your whereabouts by simply pushing a button on one of our supported devices


We designed our system to achieve maximal reliability. No emergency should go unnoticed

What is OSO?

OSO stands for Open Source Ortungssystem. The last word Ortungssystem is German and means locating system. It is a system designed for distributed communication in emergency situations which involves multiple people.

It can be especially helpful for

  • Kids
  • Athletes
  • People with special needs
  • Elder People

Feeling safe

Sometimes you are not as clearheaded as you may think, especially when adrenalin rushes through your blood. Knowing you can inform someone by just pressing a button to inform them about your whereabouts is reassuring and will reduce the stress.


Existing solutions

Many companies provide tracking devices and platforms to list a person as emergency contact. These tools and platforms are often too limited. They only let you list one contact, don't let you adjust the channel where you will receive a notification and you don't even know what will happen with your data. There is no real standard since everyone provides their own solution.