Here is a list of all questions which might arise when you read or hear about the OSO project.

What does OSO mean?

OSO stands for Open Source Ortungssystem. The last word Ortungssystem is German and means locating system.

What are the benefits of using it?

By making use of the today's technology we want you to feel safe in situations where usually you would not. You can inform multiple family members or friends by simply pushing a button.

What do I need for this to work?

The help-requester needs a device for sending a signal to our system. Your device should have a sim card slot and be programmable so we can connect it with our service. GPS can be used thus the contacts can receive the location, but it is not a must have.

The help-provider needs an app which is developed by us, so he or she can receive the signal.

What devices are supported?

Our currently supported devices can be found in our Github repository: Supported devices

How does it work?

When your device is connected with our service and you send an emergency our system will notice it. OSO tries to identify you, so it can distribute the emergency to the persons (help-providers) which you've listed. Your listed helpers will then be notified via our app.

Am I being tracked?

As the name OSO already implies every component of this project is open source. We only save the data which is needed for the service to work. There will always be transparency.

How can I contribute?

We are happy about every help that we can get and so everyone is welcome to join this journey. Here is a starting point on how-to contribute to the OSO project.